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About Us

We understand that skin and ear problems are very frustrating for you and your pet and want to make them less so.  They also often require life-long therapy.

Our goals are to arrive at an accurate diagnosis, set up the best therapeutic plan for your pet and minimize disease recurrence.    

Arrive at an accurate diagnosis.  This involves testing including skin scraping, skin/ear cytology and sometimes bacterial or fungal cultures, biopsy, allergy testing, or video-otoscopic examination.  These tests do add additional expense, but are necessary to arrive at the most accurate diagnosis possible.   If you have budget concerns, please let the veterinary nurse or doctor know ahead of time.   However, realize that eliminating some diagnostics compromises the ability to obtain an accurate diagnosis, which may cost more in the long-run.

Offer a range of therapies best suited for your pet.  Dermatological conditions are rarely curable and often require life-long management.  We will always present you with the therapeutic plan we feel will yield the best results for your pet and provide our most honest assessment for the amount of improvement to expect with therapy.  Some patients may have concomitant problems that preclude certain treatments or diagnostics.  Often times, treatment of dermatologic and/or ear problems can be a large financial and time commitment so alternative plans may be presented to work within your constraints.  Please be open about any concerns you have so that we can address them and provide the best plan possible for your and your pet.          

Minimize recurrences and severity of dermatologic disease.  Since many dermatologic conditions are not curable, our goal is to find a plan that minimizes disease recurrence the most.  The best outcomes typically require a coordinated effort between us, your primary veterinarian and you as the pet owner.  It is important that you provide feedback and schedule rechecks at the instructed intervals after examinations.  In spite of the best therapeutic plans, flares of the condition often do recur.  The best way for us to keep your pet comfortable is to keep us abreast of any problems that arise so they can be addressed.  We provide a written report to your primary care veterinarian with each visit and many times future problems can be handled with them. 


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