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What To Expect

What to Expect during your Dermatology Appointment:

1.    When you arrive you will need to check in with the dermatology receptionist.  There are many clients that are being seen by a large number of different specialty services, so to allow us to better serve you, please check in with the dermatology receptionist as soon as you arrive.

2.    If you are a new patient and you have not filled out an online form, then please obtain a history form from the Receptionist and please fill out the form as completely as you can.

3.    When it is time for your pet to be seen a veterinary nurse will take you back to the room and finish taking the history, and performing preliminary baseline data such as skin scrapings and cytology.  While your primary care veterinarian may have already performed similar tests we still need to do these to more accurately assess your pet’s problem.  

4.    After the nurse has completed these tasks they will go to lab area, process the baseline tests and go over the history with the doctor.         

5.    The doctor will then examine your pet and ask a few extra questions.  After this, he or she will discuss what has been found, what could cause this type of problem (i.e. differential diagnosis) and the steps that can be taken to confirm the possible diagnosis.  If diagnostic tests need to be done they will usually be done at this time, in most cases while you wait.  However, in some cases the test may need to be postponed for another day or the animal may need to be hospitalized for part of the day.

6.    Once any diagnostic procedures have been performed you will get a therapeutic plan that will be outlined on the discharge instructions on your invoice.  The doctor and the veterinary nurses will go over the plan.  If you have any questions please ask.

7.    As the diagnostic test results become available our office will call you.  

8.    Expect to spend at least an hour or more with the first appointment.  Follow-up appointments can last from ½ to 1 hour. 

9.    Please call whenever you have questions.  Our trained veterinary nurses and veterinary doctors will attempt to answer any question that you have.  Please call or visit our patient update page with updates as directed on your discharge instructions.  

10.    We try to work as closely as possible with your primary care veterinarian. We send a complete referral letter with each appointment. When possible long term care will be transferred back to your veterinarian. However, if the problem becomes recurrent, then please call or email us.


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